Elizabeth Velazquez

Hi, I am Elizabeth Velazquez, I have three children, 1-boy and 2-girls. I am a Comprehensive Education Teacher.

I’ve got the following certifications:- DCCC - Zero Tolerance-FDOH Domestic Violence, Substance abuse, Mental health disorders and child abuse. -HIV - Osha - Access to civil Rights- Security Awarness - Hipaa - Coronavirus - CPR, Flu and Covid Vaccinated.

Languages:English-Basic LevelSpanish-Primary.Have own Transportation . - I am very patient, tolerant,observant, understanding, and creative person.-I have 25 years of experience caring for children, from newborns to teenagers. Children will receive appropriate care, and I’m willing to do additional tasks, upon request,(ie... light housekeeping).Personally, I’m an organizer, planner, and multitasker so minimum supervision is required. With all my skills and experience, I’m able to provide a professional safe environment for your children.


+1 561 6643386